Any Night (feature film)
by Daniel Arnold & Medina Hahn

Psychological Thriller

Based on their stage play, Daniel Arnold and Medina Hahn
have crafted a psychological mystery about the nature of the

After surviving a car crash, Anna is stricken with insomnia,
sleepwalking, and nightmares. She leaves her constricting
relationship and finds solace in a basement apartment below
Patrick, a young man who has also suffered tragedy. They
form a tender bond, until Anna’s dreams starts to reveal a
radically different side of Patrick.

Final Draft

Development Financing: Movie Central and BC Film
Winner: The CFF Super Channel Screenplay Accelerator Award
Offered a $30k - $50k Canadian TV broadcast license, and
included on Canada’s It List of the best as-of-yet-unproduced

Full details: here

Any Night_film stillphoto credit: Stephanie Hull Any Night will make a terrific film and make a few people some serious money. A tightly focused, claustrophobic journey into sleepwalking Hell.”
Jo Ledingham,
Vancouver Courier